Boudoir Payment Plans

Pre-Payment Plan - You can book your session date as far as 6 months out to pre-pay for your order. Just make sure your session date is at least 5 weeks ahead of any important dates to ensure your products come in time. Some amazing pre-payment plan bonuses/extra/goodies are available with this option.

Choosing the plan for you with three awesome options:

PayPal Credit - Use it before or after your session date, you can apply for financing through PayPal and you’ll get 6 months with 0% interest to pay it off (with approved credit)

Studio Payment Plan - Spread your desired collection choice up to 3 months with 0% interest. You won’t receive your order until approximately 5 weeks after your payment plan has been paid in full. Make sure you are taking this into account when picking your session date to ensure your products will come in time.

First option
Pay in full before your session

How does it work?: “Choose what you want, get what you love!” Choose your perfect collection and start paying for it before your session or you can choose your collection and just pay in full at once. 

Why would I choose it?: Qualify for exclusive special bonus perks because you are choosing your collection now — and yes, you can totally still upgrade at your reveal and ordering appointment if you’d like! 

How do I pay?: Auto-payment or PayPal “pay as you go” Invoice will be required. Credit or Debit cards kept on file will be run on the agreed upon date - If you miss your payment you will lose your pre-payment bonuses unless other arrangements are made!

Are there bonuses involved?: Yes! Pre-paid collections are eligible for extra goodies — such as more outfits or extra edits to choose your final product from! I will send you all the details if you choose this option so you can choose your bonuses and start getting excited about them!

More details:
- $500 down to start the plan 
- Balance divided into equal payments
- Choose from bi-monthly or monthly options
- Payments made towards pre-payment plans are non-refundable

Second Option

Pay with financing 

How does it work?: Choose your perfect collection and pay over time using PayPal Credit. Upon approval you’ll pay for your collection in full and make your payments to PayPal to pay it off.

Why would I choose it?: Get the collection you want without having to wait! No need to wait until the collection is paid in full — only wait the 5 weeks to get your product back. Plus you can pay over time for your collection with 0% interest through PayPal (upon credit approval)

How do I pay?: PayPal Credit — let me know if you are interested and I will get you the link to apply! Then if you’re approved, I send you an invoice and you can get it paid and I’ll order all your gorgeous things!

Are there bonuses involved?: If you use PayPal to pre-pay for your collection, absolutely! But if you use PayPal to pay after your session then you don’t qualify for any.

Third Option

Pay over time after your session using in house financing

How does it work?: Choose your collection, put 25% down (or $500, whichever is greater) and we’ll split the rest over 3 months with 0% interest.

How do I pay?: Auto-payment is required. Credit or Debit — and two valid cards must be kept on file for the length of your plan. 

Are there bonuses involved?: Not with this option.

More details:

- 25% or $500, whichever is greater, is required to be put down to start the plan. Come to your reveal session prepared. 

- Product is NOT delivered until payment plan is complete. (NO EXCEPTIONS
- Make sure you plan for any important dates you have coming up)

- Payments are non-refundable