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Elevate your business.  Book your ideal client.  Charge what you're worth.

Helping others has captured my heart and has been one of the biggest passions in my business.

I love being able to help other photographers with their business and see their face light up when they realize I am so open and willing to help. It brings me great joy to see the advice and insight I have given them on their business produce huge growth and success. I am a big believer in education and the pursuit to never stop learning your craft.

Over the last 5 years and 150+ weddings, I have made every mistake possible and learned lessons the hard way. I realized what works and what doesn’t and I am teaching others how to avoid all the mistakes I have made and fast track their business.

I was self taught in this industry and my biggest strength was always focused around business. In just a few short years I was able to transform my business into serving the high end bride and grew my business into a six figure income, and I want to show you how to do it too!

Are you ready to fast track your business?

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Mentor Sessions

One-on-One Coaching

Weekend Retreat

Mentor Sessions

Investment: $750

This mentor session is a three week long virtual mentorship. Each week we will schedule a 60 minute strategy phone call or video call. It also includes unlimited email support between calls and questionnaires. I am an open book and passionate about helping others. No topics are off the table and I will be happy to answer any questions. Every mentorship is personalized to your individual needs. Some popular topics we can discuss are listed below:

• Pricing & Packages
• Website & Blogging
• Branding
• Attracting your ideal client
• Client experience

• Workflow & Editing
• Social Media
• Building a portfolio that sells
• Contracts
• Gear

One-on-One Coaching

Investment: $1,450

This one-on-one coaching session will be a full day of learning in person. This session will include 4-5 hours of discussing how to grow your business, honing in on your strengths and building up your weak spots. This session is entirely catered to you and your needs. I will send you a questionnaire to evaluate where you are in your business as well as get a list of questions and topics you want to cover. I will ask you to provide me with three main areas of your business that need work, so that we have a foundation to work off of during our time together. Nothing is off limits. This in person session will include professional headshots and a styled shoot.

After a full day of learning, we will head out to a 1-2 hour shoot where you will see how I shoot, pose and direct a couple. I will also let you shoot them so I can help with any questions you have and give feedback. You will leave this session feeling more confident than you ever have and you will have amazing images to add to your portfolio and all of my secrets!

Sessions include (but are not limited to):

• How to attract & book your ideal client
• How to shoot & pose so that you get organic and emotional photos
• Where you are now & where you want to be
• Portfolio & brand review
• Creating community within your business
• Website & blogging

• Getting published
• My favorite gear & software
• Creating a workflow that lets you get your life back
• How to make your business efficient & self sustaining
• Live shoot with models or couple
• Finding good light anywhere

Weekend Retreat

Investment: $4,500

Are you looking for something more than just a mentorship or one day coaching? Do you want an experience that builds lifelong friendships? Then the weekend retreat would be perfect for you! This retreat is for up to three photographers who want to get away for the weekend (or weekday if you prefer), and spend quality time with me all while being mentored together. The retreat would allow for more time spent on teaching and we would be able to discuss more topics. The weekend can be created however you want!

The location is completely up to you! It can be held in your city, my city or a destination location of your choosing! I love to travel so I am open to any ideas you may have! Please keep in mind, travel & lodging is not included in the price.

During the two nights/three days, our time spent together will be treated like a mini workshop. We all stay together in the same place, drink lots of coffee and make time for wine, discuss all things business and photography, share lots of laughs, shoot each other in pretty places and go on fun adventures. We will also have a live photoshoot take place during the retreat. You will get to watch me shoot a couple, how I interact with them all while getting to ask questions. Then you will have the opportunity to shoot them for your own portfolio, all while I give advice and critiques when needed.

The weekend retreat must be booked 3-6 months in advance, for proper planning time. Are you interested in a weekend retreat for a larger group than just three people? Contact me for more information on a customized group rate.

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When I first met Lauren I had only been doing photography for a hobby. In a matter of 1-2 months of mentoring with her, I booked 6 weddings and several engagement and family sessions. My calendar filled up quicker than I ever expected. I knew I wanted my photography to become more serious, but I had no clue I would get fully booked for the next season."

"This has changed my business drastically & brought me more success than I ever hoped for.

from Christopher K.

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Lauren taught me all about my worth and talent and how to be respected as a professional. She genuinely cared about helping me thrive in my business and I will always be grateful for all that she has done for me."

"This was exactly what I needed to feel encouraged & inspired in my business.

from Mary M.

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I was so inspired by Lauren's talent, creativity, and mastery of posing and directing couples during portraits. When I found out she offered mentoring, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I've learned so many new skills from her,  and feel confident that I could take on a wedding day with complete ease! The only thing I regret is not meeting her sooner."

"I did one-on-one coaching with a photoshoot at the end and she did not disappoint!

from Hannah S.

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Anyone who is currently running or about to launch a photography business would benefit from a mentorship. While I specialize in wedding photography and a large portion of the content is geared towards weddings, you can use the same information towards a portrait photography business.

Please fill out the contact form below and we can discuss dates. A 50% deposit is required to reserve our date and time together for coaching and weekend retreats. The final 50% will be due a month before the scheduled date. Full payment is required up front for virtual mentor sessions.

For coaching and weekend retreats, you should bring a notebook to take notes. As well as your laptop and any branding materials you have handy. You will also want to bring you photography gear as we will be doing a photoshoot together.

I am located in Los Angeles, California but I travel to see family very often in Tallahassee, Florida. Coaching sessions can take place in LA or Tallahassee. If you would prefer I come to you then we can discuss travel arrangements. Travel cost are not included in any sessions. Weekend retreats can take place anywhere in the world.

The answer is no. I want to teach you everything that has taken me 5 years to learn so that you don’t have to face all of the pitfalls of growing a successful wedding business.

Our virtual mentor session and one-on-one coaching are designed for one individual or one brand. This is because we cater to your needs and want to create a personalized experience for you. If you are interested in a group session, check out our weekend retreat.

Our mentor and coaching sessions are different for every client. We discuss how you are currently running your business and your goals for your business. We will go over your biggest struggles and pain points and create a custom plan that is unique to you and your business.

We offer a maximum of 3 mentor sessions a month, one coaching session a month and 4 weekend retreats a year.

Are you ready to book your ideal client and charge what you are worth?



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