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Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Elopement | Connor & Aubrey | Destination Wedding Photographer


Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend | Page, Arizona

You know in the movies when the cute guy and the beautiful girl, who are completely random strangers, lock eyes across a crowded room and something almost electrifies the air between them? Their glance lingers a little longer than normal and something just clicks? You know, that “make-believe-too-good-to-be-true” kind of romance, right? WRONG!!

This breathtaking cliffside elopement began as exactly that. A random guy-Connor, and a random girl-Aubrey, spotted each other across the room at a small checkpoint station for a guided tour they’d both signed up for. Just east of Page, Arizona sits a scenic canyon that cuts through a piece of a Navajo Conservation known as the Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend. AKA, the most gorgeous elopement backdrop ever!!!

On that hot Arizona day in June, Connor and Aubrey loaded into separate 4×4 tour trucks and were driven to Upper Antelope Canyon where their hour and a half long guided tour would begin…along with the rest of their lives together. 

Once the guides separated the tourists in two groups, Connor and Aubrey found themselves in the same one, crossing glances more than once and again, feeling that magnetic force that seemed to be pulling their attention towards each other. About 20 minutes into their tour, Aubrey had one of what she calls the, “most mortifying moments of my life!” after she tripped on a small crack in the canyon rock, falling in front of the whole group…Connor included. Despite Aubrey being alright, (minus a little wounded pride maybe) Connor said that was all the chance he needed to swoop in and introduce himself to this damsel in distress. Connor helped Aubrey to her feet then offered her his water bottle to wash the sandstone dust off of her hands and knees. Aubrey was both embarrassed and grateful for this attention from this mysterious, not to mention gorgeous, guy. While they continued on the tour taking in the amazing views of the reds and oranges in the carvings of the canyon, Connor and Aubrey got to know a little bit about each other and chatted seemingly nonstop for the duration of the tour. Once back the station where’d they’d first spotted each other, Connor asked Aubrey if he could take her out sometime. Nervous and excited at the same time, Aubrey agreed and they exchanged numbers and found each other on Facebook before leaving. She couldn’t wait to get back to her hotel room to call her mom and tell her all about the guy that she’d met! Connor said he didn’t even make it back on the interstate before he was filling his best friend in over the phone about the beautiful blonde he met…and the girl that he swore he was going to marry someday. Connor and Aubrey both knew then that this was unlike anything they’d experienced and that fate was fully in the works that hot summer day.

Fast forward two years later, Aubrey and Connor were and have been, inseparable. With a passion for traveling to new places being a huge part of both of their personalities, Connor and Aubrey made a bucket list about 3 months after they began dating, of places they’d love to travel to and see. Checking each destination off one by one brought Connor and Aubrey so incredibly close, they knew they’d never want to travel anywhere with anyone else again. While on a vacation to see the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska one cold evening in November, Connor asked Aubrey to be his wife. To spend everyday on a new adventure together whether it be backpacking through the California Redwoods or roasting marshmallows over a backyard bonfire. Aubrey didn’t hesitate and knew she’d found the one she wanted to see every single sight with.

Being the free spirited travelers that they are, Aubrey and Connor also knew they didn’t want an ordinary traditional wedding. In fact, they didn’t want one at all!! Their families understanding completely the way Connor and Aubrey felt, they knew an elopement in the canyon where their journey first began, was the absolute most perfect fit for the couple. So that’s what they did, traveling back to Page, Arizona and Antelope Canyon on a beautiful April evening. The breathtaking views of the cliffs and canyons were a perfect backdrop for this adventurous and fun loving couple’s intimate “I Do’s”. Aubrey in her boho-chic pearl adorned wedding gown paired with Connor in his sleek black suit and floral print tie was every photographer’s dream! They looked absolutely stunning and the pictures they created to relive their elopement again and again are awe inspiring.

I was so honored to be able to capture the true beauty of this couple and this amazing landscape. May life and love lead on you many many more adventures in the future, congratulations Aubrey and Connor!!! Xoxo!

Lots of Love,


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