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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me


Taylor'd Southern Events - Wedding Photographer


It is hard getting personal online whether it be by social media or a blog post. Even before I started running my own business, I never had much to do with social media. My personal facebook and instagram account probably hasn’t had a new post or picture since 2012. So this is me jumping out of my comfort zone and letting the world get to know me. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about me!

  • I have never been a softy when it comes to movies. It doesn’t matter how sad the movie is, I cannot cry during a movie. I have tried and it just doesn’t work. My sister on the other hand can cry to just about every movie, tv show and commercial that comes on! I think she stole all of the sensitive genes and left me with tough skin. However, I do cry at EVERY wedding! I cry during the first look when Daddy sees the Bride for the very first time. I cry when I see the Groom’s reaction to his Bride walking down the aisle. I cry when the Bride & Groom are exchanging vows. I cry when someone gives a sweet toast at the reception. Every wedding gets me in my feelings and it feels like I am reliving my wedding day all over again. This is one of the many reasons why I love weddings!


  • I am addicted to caffeine. I LOVE coffee but recently found out I am allergic to it. But that hasn’t stopped me from drinking it. I’ve just made it a priority to cut back to only one or two cups a week. I love Redbull even more than coffee and it is a requirement on wedding days. It really does give me wings! My favorite Redbull is Limeade. It taste just like a Sprite or 7up.


  • When I turned 16 my parents surprised me with a sports car (big mistake)! I wasn’t even sure I would get a car but I definitely wasn’t expecting a sports car! They surprised me with a Camaro RS and it was all white on the outside and all red on the inside. My 16 year old heart was IN LOVE. I thought I was the coolest kid on the block. I’m not going to lie… that car was badass! I got so many speeding tickets those first two years that I almost had my license suspended. I thought because I drove a Camaro that it was necessary to drive 100+mph everywhere I went, but law enforcement disagreed. After spending all of my money on gas and speeding tickets, I learned that I didn’t need a car with a V8 motor. So when I turned 18 I bought myself a little 4 cylinder car and my gas mileage got much better and the speeding tickets stopped.


  • I am a die hard music lover and I love all genres. Music is my happy place, speaks to my soul and gets me in my groove! I grew up listening to country music while riding around in the car with mom and classic rock when riding around in dad’s truck. So of course those two genres have always been my favorite. When guitar hero came out, that game sealed the deal for my love of classic rock. I could spend hours playing Guitar Hero and I won’t brag but it’s possible I beat the game….


  • I worked three jobs while going to school full time. I was never content with doing the bare minimum and I always felt the need to have a full plate. I was extremely hard myself to maintain a 4.0 gpa in college all while working 60+ hours a week. I paid my own college tuition and when I graduated it made me that much prouder of my accomplishments.  


  • All through school I was a sports junkie. I was determined to play on every sports team that my schedule allowed. My mom probably felt like a taxi driver, running me to multiple practices and games each week. I played softball, volleyball, ran track and was even the captain of the cheerleading squad for several years but none of that was as important as gymnastics. I could eat, sleep and breath gymnastics. I loved it so much, after highschool I joined an adult gymnast team and continued the sport until I was about 23 years old.


  • My hidden talent is fishing. My dad taught me at a very early age how to set up my own rod and reel and how to bait my hook. From then on I became addicted to fishing and my favorite kind of fishing is deep sea fishing. I love going so far out on the boat that I can’t see land and I am catching fish half the size of me. My dad might not admit it but I outfish him and everyone else who is brave enough to join.


  • I’ve never been one to watch much tv. I love staying busy and have always found working on a to do list more enjoyable. However, if I am sick or just need to force myself to do nothing, then I will indulge in some tv. My tv choices are either action packed with lots of violence like Sons of Anarchy and Vikings or crazy girl flix on Lifetime Movie network.


  • I have a cat named Kitten. Marshall rescued him while he was on night shift with the Sheriff’s Office. When he brought him home, he was two weeks old and we had to bottle feed him. I wasn’t a cat person and wasn’t crazy about the idea of having a cat. So I told Marshall we could fostor him until he found a good home to go to. Seven years later, Kitten owns us, has taken a road trip from Florida to California and is a spoiled rotten brat.


  • I have a weird addiction to blistex chapstick. I keep tubes of it next to the bed, in every bag I own, in the truck, basically anywhere I spend time. I can’t stand the feeling of dry lips and it bothers me when I see others with dry lips. (super weird, I know) If I forget my chapstick at home, I will go out of my way to find a store and purchase more of it. It is an essential to daily life.

Taylor'd Southern Events - Wedding Photographer Taylor'd Southern Events - Wedding Photographer Taylor'd Southern Events - Wedding Photographer Taylor'd Southern Events - Wedding Photographer Taylor'd Southern Events - Wedding Photographer

Taylor'd Southern Events - Wedding Photographer

  1. Chris Kelly says:

    I never knew this about you! Thanks for sharing!

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